The BlackWolf Keep

            Book of Shadows

Beliefs, Rituals and Spells ...

Naming the Keep

The name BlackWolf comes from my guardian spirit. He is a large wolf, black in color. He has protected me from malevolent spirits since I can remember. I believe he came to me when I was very young because the veil between the worlds has always been very thin for me and therefore I attract spirits of all kinds. My wolf helps keep some of the more...aggressive...spirits at bay. He has adopted my daughters as his charge since they were born as well. I smile at this because it is a marvel to see such a large creature be so loving, gentle, and devoted to my little girls. But, he keeps them and me safe from anything that intends harm. We are his charge...his keep.


Magick Names

In the BlackWolf Keep, we use the practice of choosing magickal names. We only use these names during ritual and magick...while we are practicing our beliefs. My children have gone through a few names since I first introduced them to my beliefs, and I'm sure they will go through several more over the years. I don't discourage any of them (even though my youngest thinks it is best to be funny at the moment and calls herself "Poopie"). I know they both will eventually come up with something they find fitting to the young women they will some day become. I have been Morgan since the day I dedicated myself to the Goddess and the God, however my name too has changed. First I was just Morgan, then I was Morgan Garda, and now I am Morgan Garda BlackWolf. No matter what magickal name you choose for yourself, the most important thing is to own it!

The Goddess and the God

The BlackWolf Keep believes in duel deities. We believe in both a Goddess and a God, a Mother and a Father, and that each has many aspects. We respect both the feminine and the masculine equally. Though they are seperate, and they each have their own aspects and roles, they are both equally important.

The Goddess
The Goddess is the feminine. She is the nurturer, the confidant, the caregiver. She is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The Goddess carries every aspect of the feminine. In Nature, She is represented by the moon. The phases of the Moon represent the stages of Her life, of any female's life, from birth to death and rebirth. When the moon is New and dark in the sky, it represents the time between incarnations, the time between the death of an old life and the rebirth into a new one. As the moon begins to wax, or get larger in the sky, it symbolizes the Goddess in Her youth, as a Maiden growing older. As the moon gets full, it symbolizes the Mother aspect of the Goddess, full and ripe with child. When the moon is waning, fading away from sight, it represents the Goddess getting older and becoming the Crone (or as my children like to call Her, the Grandma) aspect of the Goddess until it fades completely and "dies", only to be reborn again to start the cycle once more.

The God
The God is everything masculine. He is the protector, the provider, the Hunter. He is the Father. The God is the Oak King at Summer and He is the Holly King at Winter. In Nature, He is represented by the Sun. The cycle of the Sun through the seasons of the year represents the stages of the God's life. At Yule, the Winter Solstice, when day starts to get longer and the Sun rises higher and higher in the sky each day, the God is in His youth and getting stronger and stronger with each warm day. At Ostara, the Spring Equinox, when both day and night are equal in length, the God is reaching manhood. At Litha, the Summer Solstice, when the Sun has reached its highest peak in the sky, the God has reached full adulthood and is in His prime. At Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, when both day and night are once again equal, the God has started to grow older. The Sun will begin to rise lower and lower in the sky each day. The day is getting colder, and the God is not as strong as He was at Litha. The God is begining to "die", but will be reborn again as the cycle of the Sun turns to Yule once more.


All things in Nature are on a continuous cycle, from the acorn to the oak tree and back to the acorn, to the cycle of the moon and the change of seasons. As beings that are part of the Natural World, we too must then be part of a cycle. We are born, we live and grow, and we die so that our souls may be reborn and start the cycle once more. Like the animate in Nature, we evolve to adapt and to improve, not just physically, but spiritually as well. Each new life we are incarnated into is a new chance to develop and learn spiritually until we perfect our souls and become advanced spiritual beings like the Goddess and God.

Akasha and Magick

Everything on our home Earth is connected by an energy that is as much a part of us as we are of it. This energy -Akasha- flows through everything, from the plants and animals, to the rivers and rocks, and through the air and even us as well. We are all connected through Akasha to one another and to the Earth itself.

Magick, like prayer, is the manipulation of Akasha, the energy that flows through all things part of the Earth. Through visualization and the controlled power of the will of thought, we can manipulate the flow of this energy to change things for the better. All it takes is finding the right thread of energy to tap into that is connected to what we are trying to change.